Casino security: what to watch out for

When you are new to an online casino, take some security measures for your protection. Indeed the internet is infested by some rogue casinos. These illegal casinos can cause you more or less inconvenience. You can easily guard against underground casinos. To do this, apply a few simple tricks that can protect you.

 To do this, pay attention to: the casino license; whether or not SSL is used; the presence of random number generators and the conditions written in small print.


Before betting on a gaming platform, make sure it is legal . The legality of a casino is materialized by an administrative document issued by the authorities of a country. Usually this is the country where the company that owns the casino has its head office.

Thus, in Switzerland an online casino should hold an authorization from the Federal Commission of Gaming Houses (CFMJ) to operate legally. In Malta the online gaming regulator is called the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In the UK, before betting on an online casino, make sure it is licensed by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission.

In France, online casinos obtain their accreditations from the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority (ARJEL). Also, note that alongside public regulators, there are private audit firms that guarantee the credibility of online casinos. The most famous of these auditing firms is eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA).

eCOGRA has been around since 2003 and aims to secure gambling activities at online casinos around the world. To achieve its mission, the audit firm has established standards to which reliable virtual casinos subscribe. These casinos are regularly audited.


A gaming platform that cares about your security will use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer for your financial transactions. 128-bit SSL encryption was invented by the Netscape company and is the best technology for internet money transfers. Thus, this technology is used by online stores, online banks, and has been adopted by reliable online casinos.


Software that randomly generates numbers is important in online games. It is thanks to this software that you know if the cards are distributed fairly in an online casino. They have also helped promote virtual slot machines to gamblers on the internet.


When you register with an online casino, you are actually signing a contract with that casino. Thus, you are deemed to have read all the terms and conditions related to the contract and to have accepted them. As with any contract you need to sign, the advice is to read the terms written in the fine print. These conditions often turn out to be the most important leading to the most serious consequences.

The difficulty that the bettor generally encounters at this level is that he made a profit thanks to the bonus but did not bet the amount requested in the condition linked to the bonus. In this case when you claim the withdrawal of your winnings, they will not be awarded to you.

Also, avoid overly generous bonus offers. Huge bonuses are often linked to very high minimum wagering requirements and almost impossible for the bettor to achieve.

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